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February 13, 2009 by

Ok… I’m not gunna do a post about whats happening but here it is anyway:

Puffle furniture, New Stage Play, New Pin, Puffle Party


Right, on to the big stuff!

I’m quitting…

Yeah, I’m only quitting the site, for a number of reasons…

Its getting boring, No one else posts, Nothings happening on CP, Everyone else is quitting, Bodge quit (  😥 ), and this site isn’t go up in hits… Thats about it so…


Bye 🙂




PS: Im not quitting CP.


Lime Green Dojo Clean!

February 5, 2009 by

Ok I just want to tell you about the new PAINT BY LETTERS book LIME GREEN DOJO CLEAN… Like the title, it is all in rhyme!

Heres the book on the shelf with the other two…


First page:

Click the mop. It should go up off the page then appear outside.  Use it to cover the window with water and a coin will appear… Click it.

Second page:

Move the pot of green paint over to the left or right and click the coin.

Third page:

There should be a little blob of paint that is round. If you have the right one a hand should appear… Click and drag it around… The paint should “rub off” and soon a coin will appear. You know what to do… Incase you don’t, click it.

Fourth page:

Grab the penguin who is lying on the floor and take him to the roof! Rub the roof with him and a coin will… I think it is drop… It’ll be there! Click it!

Fifth page:

Four wall panels will appear green then the door… Click them in the order they turned green then click the door and it will open… Click the coin.

Sixth page:

Move the pot again.(To the leftor right… Do it in the way of your window… My windows on the left)

Seventh page:

Click the penguin’s lightbulb and do all the mazes. They are easy so don’t worry. The coin should show up on the last round… Theres only two or three.  When you have finished, guess what?! Click the coin…

Eighth page:

Click the octopus’ air-keeper-inner-hole-plug (the plug in the hole that keeps the air in) and wait… A coin will show up somewhere.

Ok thats the book finished.


Ok on the first ever CPH site, it wasnt called CPH then it was The CP BAG, I made a mini newspaper.


Look at the top thing, PUFFLE ACCESSORIES.

I wrote that about three years ago…

Now they are taking notice and letting puffles play with puffle furniture! Maybe they will eat out of the food bowls, but will it count as feeding?

We’ll see! All thats coming on the 13th of Feb. so look forward to it! (I am!!)


February 6th is the date of the new clothing catalog! It’ll be there until March the fifth… Make sure you get EVERYTHING you want!!!


Team Blue is back at the Stage on the date of February 13th!!! It’s here for almost a month!!! It’s here until March 12!! Team Blue is about Team Blue trying to beat Team Red at dodgeball… Last time it was dodgeball, maybe it’s different this time…

Ok bye!!


It’s Time To FIESTA!!!

January 24, 2009 by

Yes, the Fiesta is here!!! Woohoo!!!!!! Ok, now, if you want go do what you imagine is a fiesta-ry dance!!! Or the macarina!

Ok, done? You probably didnt do it!

Ok well… Party. Party of FIESTA!

Ok… So there one free item! Yeah, but right now Club Penguin is doing this thing where they are trying to get everyone to be a member! They only gave one free item because they want you to become a member and buy your own member items! Thats what the whole YOU CAN GET MORE WITH… MEMBERSHIP!! thing is on the Login Page.

So right now, the party  is on, with just one free item!

It’s pretty cool…


…Except… It shrunk it the dryer… I’ll have to tell them about that… CP have a thing about mis-sized items… GIANT hats, TINY sombreros!!!

It’s simply “uncanny”! 😀

So thats the free item found at the cove, usually surrounded by people. Oops, not people – penguins.


So about 5 minutes ago Becky1506, my non-member penguin, adopted a red puffle with extraordinary talent!!!!

Billy Bass
Billy Bass rocks the stage off with his extraordinary talent!! Up he goes with his electric guitar, and plays a song… The song is called “My Love” and the chorus goes like this:

Squeak!!! Squeak, squeak, squeak! Squeak, squeak!
Squeakle, squeakle, squeak!!!

The structure and rhythm of that song is just amazing!


Ok thats all, Goooooood byee!!!!!!



January 23, 2009 by

There is a party – it’s okay – I guess..

Cove has the mini/small/tiny/watever sombrero. (Not checking for spellings) thats the ONLY free stuff!!



January 20, 2009 by

Ok… Hi… I forgot to tell you about the pin… Sorry I haven’t been able to come on the computer much because at the moment I havent got one. Gr. Its supposed to be fixed TODAY but, y’know, can’t rely on dads… Heehee… I bet him £30 he wouldn’t fix it and, whoopeee!!! I have £30!!!!

Ok so here’s the TACO PIN!!! Yumm.. Taco… I haven’t even tried a taco (I don’t try many foods!!) but I expect they taste KIND OF nice…

Ok, so like I said, Taco Pin:


Pretty taco… DONT YA WISH YOU COULD JUST EAT IT?!?! I dont.


Ok thats it!!!





And I need the link of the picture so I put it small here:



PS I got through to Round 4 of Bodges Site!!! I don’t expect to get into Round 5 so I won’t get my hopes up but it could happen…


January 18, 2009 by

nothing is happening on club penguin.. 😦

Anyway I’m waiting for Bodge101’s round 3 resalts! I didn’t entre but Becky did, and she got into round 2.

Hopefully she will get onto the next round aswell, but there is one thing I’m worried about for her. You see our school finishes at 4:00 clock, and most peoples finish at 3:oo. That was one of Bodge’s questions. I dunno if he might mark her down for that. But he SO SHOULDN’, I mean just because your school finshes later, doesn’t mean you can’t post loads, does it?

Anyway fingers crossing for Becky!

Poly Penguin!

P.S. Poly is almost 700 days old!


January 17, 2009 by

Ok, this is old news, sorry I havnt posted and y’know! So theres a……………


Woop woop!!!

Theres no cheats but the game is pretty fun!!

Theres a boombox in the Dance Club…

Theres things to click that make noises in the Dance Lounge..

And on the roof, yes the roof, you can click some TV screens and change what they display…


Ok, the party is absolutely RUBBISH (Bad for you Americans and other people) so non-members- You aren’t missing anything but the game…

The game is kind of cool so go to another site and go to the SWF page… Click the DJ Cadence Dance Game and play till your brain pops out…


So thats it…



PS> Dance with no clothes on holding just the boombox and you will do a weird dance… Please, don’t try this dance at home – it could hurt!!! 😀


January 10, 2009 by

Ok nothing much has happened… Just the usual “stuff”… And by “stuff” I mean deleting, saving, posting, quitting, and more!

Ok, deleting:

I deleted all the pages except the story pages. Member of CPH feel free to make a page of a story by you! Others too, write a story, comment it, or give us the link, and we will post it! It can be long short or stupid… Well sorry Transalta, I know you liked your page… And now the Get Your Own Page is back onto your To Do list! Sorry to everyone who had a page on this site! Maybe some new pages will come…


I made a few pictures which I will probably never post… 😦 They are good I just cant be bothered!


Im posting now!


I quit my site! Ahhhh! Noooooo!!! Yeah who cares! It only had 500 veiws!

And more:

Actually I only said this so I’d sound like I had a busy schedule… I have been bored all day, thats why all the other things could happen! Ok, maybe a little more… MSN and checking my empty inbox… Speaking to Poly on the phone to say my internet had broke, luckily it came back…

Oh yes a message! A message from above! Or below! Depending on where you are!!!

Agent Tayzie, Becky1507, Poly Penguin, Transalta, Uaedubaidude.

Why did I list CPH members! If you were on that beautiful list full of beautiful people, expect an email…


That is all for now…



Amazing Discovery!

January 9, 2009 by

Today I made…

An Amazing Discovery!



Ok I totally cannot do this game! I dot get it! Theres no instructions! I mean, whats the aim og the game!!!

So, today, I discovered an amazing technique! HOW TO MASTER THE ARTS OF Disk Jockeying! (That what it stands for! I was soooo showing off then 😀 )

Ok here is what I do…

I load the game, put all of the tunes on, click the last button of the six, bottom right. I put the middle tape on, labelled with “PLAY, PAUSE” in symbols. Then I go get a drink and leave it playing for nine minutes! Then I come back, click a button, then go get another drink for nine minutes!

This gets you coins when you do it for about ten minutes. 😀

Its a super duper trick!


So thats it!

Umm, what happened today… Urr….

Oh yes! A new stage play.. Well old stage play! But its replayed today!

Squidzoid Vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Girl!

So far this post has 188 words inclusing the word NOW when I say it. NOW.

Ok… So now I say Bye. Farewell… See you soon! Au revoir!



Slippery Surfaces!

January 4, 2009 by

Ok.. I was gunna do Slippery Floors but I thought S and S was sounding better! 😀 Theres a word for that… Too hard to remember. 🙂

So… What does it mean?

Heres my email to Club Penguin:

Date: Dec 19th, 2008 6:09 pm


I just want to say what I noticed…

The Icerink returned today but when you waddle it looks like normal waddling! I remember it like a sliding waddling like at the Dock.

Please fix it because I enjoy watching my penguin slide everywhere!!


They replied and said…


Thanks for writing in. We are aware of the issue with the ice rink not being
slippery enough at this time. Just remain patient, I\’m sure it will start to
regain its slipperiness when the temperature drops a little more.

Keep waddling!

Sarah L
Club Penguin Fan Mail

Uh.. Can I say we aren’t stupid! Uh.. Its  kind of obvious you forgot part of the html… Im expecting the “temperature” to “drop” pretty soon. Expect it!

So… Yeah.. Back to school tomorrow…

Okie dokie… In other news, I totally did not think this ditch-my-laptop through!

Expect NO videos from us, I havent got hyper cam… 😥

Ok so that is it! That is all I have to say! Yes! All of it!

Good bye!